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About Us

We, at Career Avancer, focus on providing counselling based on Psychometric Testing to help students understand their aptitude, interests and personality resulting in choosing a career for themselves that maximizes their potential.

With a committed and competent team, our mission is to offer focussed and personlized career counseling services. We are working towards creating an ecosystem where students can receive the best psychometric tests along with in-depth career guidance and also a complete understanding of working towards their profile building.


What Is Career Counselling?

Career Counselling is the process of giving advice, support and guidance for selecting the right stream after class 10th, and the right career after 12th and graduation. Career confusion and indecision can affect you at any stage of your career, thus it is important to get the right support to resolve it and plan ahead. CareerAvancer counsellors let you explore different career options, their scope, and opportunities, and help you make the right career choice as a result of which you can be assured that you will get the most reliable advice and guidance for your career.

Our expert and career guidance services are accessible to students and graduates from all across India. For students looking for career counselling in Delhi, we offer our counselling sessions face-to-face, while the same sessions are held in the online mode (through video chat/telephone) for people residing in the rest of India. One can expect the same quality of support is maintained in both online and offline sessions.

What Are Career Assessments?

A Career Assessment or a Psychometric Test is a test designed to understand where your unique set of strengths, aptitudes and skills, in order to recommend the right career choices for you. Our Career Assessment is a test that evaluates you on 56 parameters across 5 dimensions including Personality, Aptitude, Interest, EQ and Orientation Style, to suggest you top career options. Not only that, you get detailed career development plans and expert guidance within the 34-page career report itself, so you can take the first step towards achieving your career goals. Specifically built for the Indian population, our assessment understands you better to help you make the most accurate and well-informed career decisions.  

Why Psychometric Assessment?

Earlier, most career decisions were influenced by the parent’s aspirations or limited knowledge of available options. People generally opted for ‘safe and stable’ jobs which often led to dissatisfaction with professional life and burnout in few years of service.

Psychometric Assessments are a scientific solution that enable to develop a holistic and deeper understanding of your strengths by uncovering your interests, potential and uniqueness.

This enhances self-esteem and makes you more confident thus, saving you from undue mental pressure of preparing for entrance examinations you are not made for. Moreover, effective career planning reduces the financial risk of investing in the wrong coaching and college.

Hence, career planning programs based on psychometric assessments lead to more successful and happier individuals by developing the child’s passion to profession.

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