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Career in Spotlight - Cyber Security Expert

As we all move towards an online world due to current situation due to Covid, more and more people have become tech savvy and now rely upon online medium for their run-of-the-mill tasks too. As per a study, India’s internet data consumption rose by 30% per month with children studying online, people ordering grocery and other stuff online too.

This has surely made things easier but also poses security concerns. Not only individuals but Governments and organisations across the globe too are vulnerable to cyber threats. According to a research, there is an attack every 39 seconds on the web and the world is in need of quality Cyber Security experts.

There is a growing demand for people to be trained in internet security to help defend against cybercrimes. As a student or a professional, if you want to make a career in Cybersecurity, this is a great opportunity.

Who is a Cyber Security Specialist?

In a nutshell, a cyber security specialist is a subject matter expert employed by an organisation to protect their data. They do this through a variety of techniques, such as probing for weaknesses, monitoring systems and networks for attempted breaches, and then dealing with any that are found. This includes repairing and then strengthening the areas where an attack may have occurred.

The Path to become a Cyber Security expert

Getting a degree like B.Tech (IT/CS) / B.E. (I.T.), B.Tech (Cyber Security & Forensics) or Diploma in Cyber Security is the best way to leap towards a career in cyber security domain.

A bachelor’s degree is what many organisations would demand for you to work as a Cyber Security expert. However, if you want to reach the heights in this field, you can pursue a Master’s degree in Cyber Security like:

  • Master of Computer Application (MCA)

  • M.B.A. (Information Security Management)

  • M.E. (Information Technology)

  • M.Tech (Information Technology)

  • M.Tech (Cyber Security)

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security

Since technology evolves continuously, cyber security specialists have to keep up to date with developments by enrolling on continual training courses. There are many industry standard qualifications that can aid in a specialist’s professional development, including the following:

  • Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) – Entry level certificate aimed at those with a little experience

  • CompTIA Security+ – Suitable for those with more than 2 years of experience

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) – A common qualification undertaken after around 4 years that is seen as a prerequisite for serious career development

  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) – Aimed at those with 5+ years of experience

  • Certified Information Systems Manager (CISM) – Similar to the CISA certificate

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) – A more general qualification, usually held by people in network management roles

  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) – Held by specialists in penetration testing or security analytics

Skills needed to be a Cyber Security Expert

  • Problem Solving skills

  • Experience with an extensive range of security tools and computer systems

  • Strong analytical skills

  • Good communication

  • Ability to multi-task

What does a Cyber Security Expert do?

  • As a Cyber Security expert, your job will include safeguarding the network, implementing information security programs, coordinating with other industry experts and implementing a plan.

  • Diagnose and eliminate viruses, malware, and other vulnerability issues.This includes both software and hardware programs.

  • Designing firewalls, regulate access, monitor use of data files to protect the network and safeguard information.

  • Staying aware of the latest malware and viruses in-order to inhibit these viruses from entering your company’s network.

  • Promoting security awareness, imparting training to end users, provide updates and reports to management, and develop policies about numerous aspects of Cyber Security.

How much does a Cyber Security expert earn?

In India, the average salary for a Cyber Security expert is Rs 80,000 per month. It depends on the location and the organisation. With the growing demand for Cyber Security specialists, it can be said that the pay grade can be higher than expected if you have the required knowledge and experience.

Where are the opportunities?

Cyber security specialists are highly sought after. This is because there is a huge number of organisations requiring their services; any company, business or governmental organisation that possesses some form of database is vulnerable to attack. As our world prepares to go completely digital, this will only increase. As a result, you could find yourself working in any industry, but particularly those that are more likely to be targeted such as:

  • Banks and financial services institutions

  • Government departments

  • Intelligence agencies

  • IT companies

  • Security consultancy services

  • Universities

  • Network providers

  • Airlines

The demand for Cyber Security professionals has been extremely high in the past couple of years, and not just the demand, even the compensation of a Cyber Security Expert is significantly high compared to many other IT job roles. If you want to start your career in the cyber security domain then it is definitely the right time to get started with the process and land your dream job

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